Your Global Wholesale Distributor and Customs Support Partner for School Supplies

Schools around the world are ready to have a wholesale distributor for school supplies and customs support for delivery. Your program needs more than simple forwarding of textbooks and the products available from local distributors’ school supplies. EquipMySchool is an international consolidator to help you get all the materials you need delivered directly to your door, anywhere in the world.

We have two locations, one in America and one in the UK, so we are uniquely situated to help schools of all curriculums achieve goals. School boards approve of the fantastic savings we can provide as your remote purchasing agent- our bulk buying power provides access to wholesale manufacturer pricing, so you pay a catalogue rate or less. What’s more, you receive freight at the same cost that we pay.

That is executive-level service- at the same price you would pay in the US or the UK! Quote school supplies with us and you will save time, money and stress.

We have a free online store for schools and can also provide school quotes for locations worldwide, including Angola, Vietnam, Nigeria, Uganda, Egypt, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Morocco, South Korea, Brunei, Romania, Peru, Venezuela, Zambia, Ethiopia, Malaysia, Switzerland, Thailand, The Philippines, Tanzania, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, The Netherlands, China, Cambodia, Niger, Burkina Faso, Myanmar, Italy, Tunisia and Liberia.

International School Supplies when you need them, where you need them, with an escort through customs and assured freight handling. 

Further productivity and enjoy time-saving hacks for your purchasing team- any purchaser will benefit from our free online store for schools, both American curriculum and IB curriculum. EquipMySchool is a consolidated shipping company for school supplies that you need, delivered directly to your door. We have a presence worldwide, and provide the best, most reliable service in the industry, with your satisfaction guaranteed.

Consolidated bulk carriers to ensure the best freight prices for Scholastic books, Lakeshore toys, educational games, laptops for schools, and even recommended ebooks for schools. 

There are many ways to further your budget and exceed expectations, and EquipMySchool is one decision you will be proud you made.